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Eye Opening Definitions

We at Dixie Septic Tank have come up with some eye opening definitions that pertain to septic system and drainfield terms. Just thought you might find them interesting.

What is a Septic Tank?

“An underground tank in which waste matter is decomposed through bacterial action”

If there is too much solid material in your septic tank, the “bacterial action” is not working properly. Why? Not enough bacterial. Why? Lets look at the labels of some of the more typical home-care products and see what Webster’s has to say.

Definitions of items found under your sink...

Disinfectant: “ A means for destroying bacterial.”

Germicidal “ An agent for killing bacterial.”

Antibiotic “Having the capacity to inhibit the growth of, or destroy bacteria.”

Sanitize: “To free from germs by cleansing or sterilizing.”

Sterilize: “To cleanse by destroying bacteria.”

Anti-septic: “Any substance that inhibits the action of bacteria.”

Have you noticed the recent rise in the use of Anti-bacterial soap? Do you think of what anti-septic means as you flush mouth washdown the drain? These bacteria-killers are in products that we all use every day. Toilet disinfectants that get dispensed with every flush kill bacteria before they even get into the septic tank.

Garbage disposals and water softeners also challenge the bacteria needed for proper septic tank operation. It’s no wonder there are so many failing septic systems! Is there any word to look for that won’t kill bacteria?

Biodegradable: “ Capable of being readily decomposed by bacterial action.”

So please be aware of these products as they can harm your system. Good maintenance is everyone’s responsibility.

We at Dixie Septic Tank Inc. ask that you take steps to protect our environment. Remember out of sight, or flushing does not end the cycle. It is just the beginning of a long road to assuring that our children will have a clean place to live.

A few key reminders to consider:

# 1. Large water usage is a killer for any septic system. You should regulate your water usage and watch your water bill every month. We have seen new systems fail within a matter of months with uncontrolled water usage.

# 2. Periodically check for leaky toilets and showers, and faucets.

# 3. The planting of trees and shrubs is not recommended over or near a
drainfield. Roots can be a real source of drainfield failure. We have seen
some real horror situations involving roots.

# 4. It is not necessary to put any additives down your system
Save your money, it only enhances the profits of those who sell it.

Septic System FAQs

We are pleased to offer a few articles we have written over the past several years. We hope they might offer tips and answers to questions or issues you may have in regards to septic tanks, septic systems and drain fields. Please contact us directly with specific questions for a personal consultation.

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Eye Opening Definitions
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