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Equal Distribution™

Equal Distribution™ septic drain field systems. Another point that sets us apart from the competition. At the present time we are the only company in Florida installing drainfield pipe in a configuration of Equal Distribution™.

Equal Distribution™ Drain Field
Equal Distribution™

When the pipe is installed in the ground it is perfectly level the whole length of the pipe, and level from pipe to pipe the whole width of the drainfield. What this allows is that when the water runs into the pipes and before it exits through the holes in the side, all of the pipe have equal amounts of water in them. (The holes should never be at the bottom). Because of this design, the complete drain field is dosed at the same time more evenly.

Equal Distribution™ means that when water flows from the septic tank into the drainfield, it flows through a system of pipes and is distributed equally.

Equal Distribution™
Equal Distribution™ | Septic Tank Drain Fields

Water is distributed out thru pipe placed 60 degrees up from the bottom (approximately the 4 and 8 o’clock positions). The holes are never at the bottom, if they were you would be defeating the purpose of the Equal Distribution™ design.

Our patented pipe is manufactured with a ridge down the top. We use exclusive clamps that suspend the pipe attached to the ridge in the drainfield. This holds the pipe the correct height above the bottom of the drainfield. This assures you and us of the correct layer of rock under the pipe, around the pipe, and on top of the pipe. The clamps are removed and used on the next job. We check the drainfield pipe for level with a laser before and after the rock is installed assuring you of a perfectly level pipe drainfield.

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