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Flushing Medication

Your toilet bowl may the time-honored venue for dumping expired or unused drugs, but your local waterways could suffer for it. As ground water can be affected by everything put into the ground, flushing medications is not the recommended means for disposal.

U.S. geological Survey has been studying the nation’s waterway for years and an exhaustive study in 2002 detected trace levels of chemicals commonly found in prescription drugs in 80 percent of the streams tested.

Now under pressure from researchers who suspect hormones and anti-depressants may be responsible for harming fish. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is on the march to gauge the health and environmental impact of medications and pharmaceuticals in water.

In the last year, says EPA press Officer Suzanne Ackerman, the agency has made some “ground breaking” advances and is testing methods that may be effective in removing pharmaceuticals from the water. The going is slow. She contends but “it is happening”

What should you do with your unused drugs?

There are no government guidelines. So pharmaceutical experts recommend:

1. Find out if your local pharmacies take back medication. Some have occasional days designated for such drop offs.

2. Check to locate your community household hazardous waste collection program.

3. Go to www.epa.gov/epahome/state.htm for local numbers.

If you must turn to your garbage can, take these precautions.
1. Keep the medications in its original container. Remove your name for security purposes.
2. Add a small amount of water to pills, or an absorbent material like flour to liquid medications to discourage their use to assist in dissolving them.
Put the containers in a paper bag or a yogurt container to conceal them, then toss as close to your trash pickup time as possible.


This article appeared in the Daytona Beach News Journal I-4-07 in the AARP bulletin.

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