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Time to Take the Gloves off!

This is a comparison of “The Rock and Pipe” system versus The “chambered system” (Infiltrator). It is time we set the record straight.

What our competitors are saying...

1: The chambers have a larger capacity of holding septic water with biomat.
2: They say you cannot achieve even distribution with a rock and pipe system.
3: Infiltrators can be installed using a pick-up truck.
4: Geotextile cover material and rock clog the holes in the pipe.
5: Infiltrate in the dictionary means to “move into, or filter through (a substance).
Editor’s note, look it up.

Now let us compare:

What we say: Below is actual fact “Believe it or Not”

1: We will admit that the “chambered system” can be put in using a pickup truck.

2: They are not infiltrating anything, why don’t you just put a garden hose on top of your yard and see how fast the water runs down into the ground. Watch it pond!

3: We have done extensive laboratory and in-field test showing that with a “Rock and Pipe System” Water Moves through rock and pipe faster and enters the soil below the drainfield faster. In a chambered system the water just sits on top of the soil inside the chamber and slowly leeches into the ground.

4: Wouldn’t you want the water to dissipate faster down into the soil below?

5: Do you want a septic pond under your grass or in your yard? Located just inches below the surface? What happens when it rains heavy?

6: We have found through our testing that the rock in and around the pipe serves as an additional method of catching any additional nutrients that may still be in the water. Thus putting cleaner water back into the ground and that is much better for the environment.

Failed Chamber System. The waste water has nowhere to go and is just puddling

7: This gives “the Rock and Pipe System” an advantage over the chambered systems. The chambered systems through our years of observing, creates a thick film of nutrient scum on top of the soil inside the chambers, thus making it impossible for the water to leech down into the soil in that area.

8: We have tested “The Rock and Pipe System” and found the Geotextile material still in place and working many years after initial installation. We have NEVER found any rock plugging the exit holes.

9: With “The Rock and Pipe System” (Dixie’s system) the water exits the pipe and enters the rock and the soil (sand) considerably faster than the chambered system. Thus our pipe empties faster and is ready to accept more water to be “Equally Distributed” into the drainfield.

10: “Equal Distribution™”® is a registered trade mark with Dixie Septic Tank and KTE Plastics. It is a patented system and No One Else can reproduce it, and it works.

11: How do we obtain “Equal Distribution™®”? First a little history. We at (Dixie) manufacture our own concrete tanks, we make our own pipe, we make our own fittings, we make our own header pipe, and we crush our own concrete (recycling) making drainfield rock.

With that in mind we use a patented system of “Equal Distribution™®” what it consists of is a system of clamps (clamps are removed and used on the next job) that we suspend our pipe exactly the correct height off of the bottom of the drainfield. This pipe is set level with a laser. So the drainfield pipe whether a “bed” or “trench” is all at the same level row to row throughout the whole drainfield.

We then put the rock in the drainfield. With the clamps attached to the pipes we assure you of the correct depth of rock in and around the pipe. Then the laser is used again to level any of the pipes moved during the installation of the rock. So each pipe is now at the same level in the drainfield.

What happens then is when water enters the pipe and the holes are always 60 degrees up from the bottom on each side of the pipe. The holes are NEVER at the bottom. There always is a small amount of water left in The pipe. So as water enters the pipe (a “rising tide raises all ships”). Water exits all of the holes throughout the whole drainfield. Thus we attain “Equal Distribution™®”, so The Whole Drainfield is used not just one end as in the chambered systems.

12: We have actual pictures of a chambered system that was in use for four years. The owners were doing an addition to the home. The home owner insisted that we (Dixie) do the add-on for the drainfield We had to open up the end of five rows of chambers in a chambered system and what we found was an EYE OPENING EXPERIENCE.

The water had never reached the end of the chamber in fact it was so full of sand that water could never have gotten to the end of it. The side louvers were packed so tight that water could not exit through them. Water had never reached the end of the chambers after four years of use. How could the chambers be functional?

13: With our “Rock and Pipe System using the “Equal Distribution™®” method we have found that our systems will last well over 20 plus years, some even exceeding 30 years. You can’t beat that.

So it is up to you the Homeowner to decide which way you want to go? Do you want to have a system that will last in excess of 20 years? We are finding by experience the average life of a chambered system to be 8-10 years. Do you want to replace your system again within 8-10 years? We have seen some chambered systems fail within 3 years. Do you want a system that will be fully functional using the whole drainfield, or one that uses just part of the drainfield, and having a septic pond in your front yard? The choice is yours. You can buy ours and save three times the money over the years. 8-10 years versus 20-25 years of service. Happy flushing.

With over 40 years in the business we feel the “Rock and Pipe System” is still the best investment. If it was good enough in the “Roman” times it is good enough today. Why change something that isn’t broke? New is not always the best.

The “Rock and Pipe Septic Systems” using “Equal Distribution™” top of the line in quality, longevity, and customer satisfaction and saves you money in the long run.

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