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Dixie Septic Tank Inc. has been Green for many years. We promote Green septic systems and environmentally friendly drain fields. Our drain field pipe, along with the header pipe and fittings are all made from recycled materials. Our drain fields are made from reclaimed concrete broken down to provide the best drain flow. Win-Win-Win!

Let us tell you how and why. For over 40 years we have been a leader in this industry of providing the finest and longest lasting and trouble free septic systems in the state of Florida. Yes we are familiar with many of the alternative systems that have come down the pike during those years.

Our choice has been to stay with the original tried and true system of rock and pipe. You just can’t do any better in the long run. Remember you only get what you pay for, and you don’t want to go through the exercise of replacing your system. That’s why we do it the old fashion way.

One of the basic beliefs of our business has always been to provide a quality product that will last and not harm the environment. We feel we are accomplishing this every day, and appreciate your support. After all we have grandkids and great grandkids that will be here in the 21st century, and we want to leave them with a clean environment.

Now for the Green

Green Septic Tank Systems and Environmentally Friendly Drain Fields
Since the very beginning we have made our own concrete septic tanks. They have been made from a recycled concrete mixture along with cement, instead of filling up the landfills with concrete. We have put the material from the old roads, driveways, sidewalks, bridges, and building and other scrap concrete to use. We recycle the concrete and put it back into other uses. One of these is the making of septic tanks.

Saving our environment and going Green.
Our tanks have an easy access port to pull the filter for cleaning. Another Green step that has been in use for years. Ask the competition how to access their tanks and how to get to their filters for cleaning? You will be surprised at what you have to do. Can you lift up a heavy 120-pound manhole lid to access their filter? Do you even know where it is located? How much of your yard do you have to dig up?

Recycled Material Drainfield Pipe
Recycled Material Pipe

We make our own drain field pipe, along with the header pipe and fittings. All of this is made from recycled plastic bottles and other containers.

Again this keeps from filling up our landfills and preserves our environment. We have been using recycled plastic for our products for over 15 years.

From the concrete septic tanks, to the drainfield pipe and the recycled rock, Dixie Septic is GREEN.

Reclaimed Rock in the Drain Field

Just what purpose does the rock do? It filters any last bacteria that may move out of the tank into the drainfield. A lot can move from the tank into the drainfield and this impacts our water. Doesn’t it seem right if given the opportunity, that we should filter the water one more time before entering the soil below? In Roman times they had it right the first time they used rocks to filter the water! That’s why Dixie still does the pipe and rock systems. That’s doing it right and doing it green.

The rock that is used in your drainfield is also recycled concrete. Again this saves our landfills and preserves our environment. We have been using recycled concrete for over 15 years to provide you with a superior system.

Our competition uses no rock and the water goes directly into the soil and into the ground water and aquifer below without being filtered by the rock.

We manufacture the pipe that is used in your system, It is made up of thousands of ground up plastic milk bottles, and soda bottles and other recycled plastic items. This certainly is saving our environment from all of the plastics used in the United States. Showing that Dixie has gone green for you and the future of our children and we are saving the environment.

No one else in this industry can and has done what we have accomplished in providing you with the best septic system known to man. Of course the State of Florida Department of Health, assuring you of a quality product, must approve all that we do including the materials we use.

This is a story of doing it right; it is a story of our “Rock and Pipe” system. We may even compare our system to the alternative drainfields available on the market today. I must point out in all fairness some important differences between us and our competition. It is a true story of a working septic system that will last for many, many years to come.
Our Company, (Dixie Septic Tank Inc. of Orange City Florida) has been in business since 1968. We still do things the old fashion way. Meaning we use the “Old Tried and True Rock and Pipe System”. The system with the longest running record of quality and operation. This system has been around since Roman Times. “If it’s not broke don’t fix it”.

Septic System FAQs

We are pleased to offer a few articles we have written over the past several years. We hope they might offer tips and answers to questions or issues you may have in regards to septic tanks, septic systems and drain fields. Please contact us directly with specific questions for a personal consultation.

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