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We at Dixie Septic Tank, Inc. thank you for visiting us on the web. Here we provide an idea of what you can ecpect when servicing or replacing a septic tank and drain field system. Following is a list in order of what you can expect to happen on the Septic Tank Installation. Dixie septic will give you a date upon which we will do the job.

An application is made to the Health Department. They will send a field person out to dig and read the samples of soil they find in your yard. This is done to a depth of 6’. They will then issue a permit based upon what they have found. This could take at least a week to 10 days according to their schedule. The permit is the guide in which we must adhere to.

We then compare the permit to what we put on the proposal. If they match we then wait for our work date. If they do not match you will get a call from us to discuss the differences. This could mean an increase in the proposal.

Installation Servicing and replacing a septic tank and drain field system.
During Installation

In most cases you should not be without use of the house facilities during the septic system installation.

Septic Tank removal: We have scheduled a pump out of yourseptic tank. They will arrive and pump your tank and certify to us the size and condition of your current tank. This information is faxed to the Health Department before we can continue with the job. If the repair does not include the replacement of the tank, you will not be out of use of the facilities in your house.

If a new septic tank is necessary, and while the old tank is being crushed and disposed of (we must by law break the bottom so it will not hold water) and while the new tank is being installed. We ask that you not use the house facilities. While the plumber is on the job hooking up the tank with the plumbing from the house, we ask that you not use the facilities in the house. This under most conditions is around 1-2 hours.

If any tree stumps are to be removed it will be before the new drainfield is dug. We do not remove tree stumps from your yard; they will be put by the curb for your disposal.

Our crew then will start removing the old drainfield if necessary. We will have extra dump trucks on the job during this exercise to haul it away. Again the law requires that all old contaminated soils and spoils be removed from the site prior to inspection.

Servicing and replacing a septic tank and drain field system.

They will then dig the drainfield according to the permit. If new sand is needed to replace what we hauled away it is at this time we will put new sand in the drainfield. Sometimes we have enough old sand to continue, and new sand is used to cover the drainfield.

Then our crew will begin to install the new pipe hooking it up to the tank. The drainfield can be of different configurations in width and length. Our rock truck will then install the rock into the drainfield.

Septic tank installation can begin:

Installation of the pipe is checked twice by laser making sure the pipe is level. Assuring you of Equal Distribution™® throughout the drainfield during the time the liquids are dispersed into the drainfield. We then cover the rocked drainfield with a special paper, to keep sand and dirt from getting into the pipe and rock.

We then must call the Health Dept one more time for them to come out and inspect our work. At this point you have a working system it is just not covered.

In a day or two (usually) the next day on repairs, the inspector will come and check our work. They make sure we built your system according to the permit. They will check the depth, width, length, and size of the drainfield. Also they will make sure we stayed away from all water lines and that we have not encroached on the property lines or house.

If it passes their inspection they then issue an “approval to cover” (final inspection). Once we have this approval, within a few days we then will arrive at your home and cover the drainfield. It is at this point that we like to be paid. We only ask for a deposit to cover the permit cost to start the process. We take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Checks and Cash.

We do no landscaping, or planting of sod, we do no irrigation or electrical work. We’re not responsible for concrete driveways or sidewalks or other concrete obstructions, or other items listed on the proposal. Please read the proposal before signing.

If you had a new tank installed be aware of the fact that it now has an exit filter. It is located on the outlet end of your tank. It should be removed at least twice a year and rinsed clean. Please use rubber gloves. All that is necessary is to unscrew the cap and reach Down inside and pull the filter out and using a garden hose rinse it off. Then reinstall the filter.

Please read and understand our Septic 101 Do’s and Don’ts section to assure you of many years of trouble free use of the septic system.

Happy Flushing.
With our experience of installing over 1500 drainfields a year, being your complete supplier of manufactured drainfield products and tanks along with using environmental recycled rock. We provide to you the experience, quality, integrity and reliability of a conscientious company that will be here for years to come. If you have any questions please call our office and we will be more than happy to answer them. (386) 738-3030

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We are pleased to offer a few articles we have written over the past several years. We hope they might offer tips and answers to questions or issues you may have in regards to septic tanks, septic systems and drain fields. Please contact us directly with specific questions for a personal consultation.

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