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Smart Septic Systems

You ask, what is a Smart Septic System? We are the only company providing this service to you. Yes there may be other companies offering a “Rock and Pipe” drainfield. But it is not a smart septic system.

We make our own septic tanks with a patented Filter Port. We use the latest available ingredients in our pre-cast tanks. Second we are the only company that has a registered “Equal Distribution™” type of drainfield pipe supplied by KTE which is owned by our company. We provide a patented header pipe and fitting and a specially designed drainfield pipe. We are the only company around that is using reclaimed concrete aggregate for septic system drainfields.

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Smart Septic Tanks

All of our new tanks we cast today use a special blend of ingredients all approved by the State of Florida Health Department. Today all new septic tanks must have a filter installed in them at the exit end of the tank. On our competitor's tanks the filter is located under a 120 pound manhole lid. On Dixie Septic Tanks, your filter is easily accessible.

Off loading a very large 1200 gallon three compartment septic tank.

With our patented filter port, the filter is in an easy access port, where all you have to do is unscrew a 5” cap which is located at ground level to access the filter. Pull out the filter and wash it off with water and reinsert it back into the filter port.

You can see the black filter port in these images.

Dixie Septic Tanks Smart Filter Port
Our State of Florida approved, quality concrete septic tanks made with superior materials include baffles and easy access filter port built into the lid are an integral component of our smart septic systems.

Not-so-smart filter cleaning: To clean the filter on our competitor's tanks, you must first locate the tank. Then you must dig up your yard and locate the manhole cover. After you do this, being very careful that you don?t break the manhole cover you then must break the seal on this cover. This cover weighs in the neighborhood of close to 85 to 120 pounds. Being very careful that you don't give yourself a hernia, you then must lift this lid up and slide it away from the opening. This usually is located anywhere from 4” to 18” below the service of the grass. This exposes the filter and then you must reach across this 24” opening being careful that you don?t fall into the tank and pull the filter out and clean it. Then you have to repeat this whole exercise all over again. Lifting up this heavy lid. When you are finished you must lift it back up and reposition it over the hole, seal it with concrete to eliminate any odors from escaping, or having dirt fall down into the tank. Guess what? You get to do the same procedure all over again next year.

Smart Drainfield Pipe

Recycled Materials. We manufacture our own drainfield pipe, fitting, and header pipe. We have a manufacturing facility that uses old plastic bottles and other plastic items. We are recycling saving our landfills. All of this pipe must be approved by the State before using it. This pipe is supplied to us by KTE Plastics which is owned by Dixie Septic Tank Inc.

Our pipe is unique in that it has a ridge down the middle. It is 4” in diameter with holes located alternately on each side 60° degrees up from the bottom. The holes are never at the bottom as this would defeat the purpose of “Equal Distribution™. This pipe has a ridge down the top and it is there for a reason.

Smart Drainfield Design & Installation

We attach a patented clamp onto this pipe when we install it in the drainfield. This clamp designed and patented by us assures you the owner that we are putting a minimum of 6” of rock under the pipe and 4” inches beside the pipe and 2” on top of the pipe. Thus we are putting our pipe in 12” of rock. These clamps are removed and used on the next job.
The way our competitors do it, if they are using rock, is they drive a piece of equipment down into the drainfield with a bucket full of rock and turn the bucket over and spread the rock out as they back the machine out of the hole. There is no way they can control the amount of rock being put in the drainfield. They continue on by laying the pipe on top of the rock and they again repeat driving back down into the hole to cover the pipe in rock.
While they are doing this the machine compacts the soil below the rock which in the
industry is considered a No-No. So how much rock are they putting in the drainfield?? No one can tell you exactly. Immediately they are causing the drainfield to fail by compacting the soil below the surface of the hole.

With our remote delivery conveyor belt system on our rock truck, our equipment does not go into the hole, so we are not compacting the soil below the drainfield - very smart!

Smart Drainfield System:
Here you see our drainfield pipe in trenches being suspended by our patented clamps. They are waiting for our rock truck to get into position. What we do is unique. We laser set the pipe as it is put in the trenches or bed of the drainfield. After the rock is installed we reset the pipe with a laser to assure you that every pipe in the drainfield is perfectly level throughout the system.

Thy key to Equal Distribution™: With the holes at 60 degrees up from the bottom as water flows into the pipe, it moves along until the entire pipe is filled to the level of the outlet holes. It then flows out of the pipe equally throughout the whole drainfield. We have now achieved “Equal Distribution™” as the whole drainfield is being dosed with water. not just one end as our competitors systems do. Why would you want a drainfield where only one end of the drainfield is being used? Those type systems cannot deliver water to the far end of the drain pipe, it only drops water at the inlet directly to the soil below, and leaves it up to gravity to move it along the inside of the chambers.

Smart Header Pipe

Our header pipe which is used in our “Rock and Pipe” systems is supplied by KTE Plastics. It is different from all others on the market. It is designed so we can rotate each individual section to customize it to each drainfield design.

It also has an area within the header pipe to catch any debris that may have made its way past the filter going into the drainfield. If this debris gets into the drainfield it can clog up the operation and cause the drainfield to prematurely fail.

Smart Drainfield Aggregate

Reclaimed concrete. This is a big area where we are different from all other septic contractors. We are very proud of the fact that we have been using reclaimed concrete for over 20 years. It is Approved by the Florida Department of Health for this purpose.

Can you imagine what our landfills would look like if all old driveways, sidewalks, buildings, bridges, old light poles and other items made from concrete were dumped? They would be full in a matter of a few short years. We are proud to use this reclaimed material to a great advantage over our competitors. It serves a number of purposes and offers numerous advantages and benefits to the drainfield.

Reclaimed Concrete Aggregate
Here we are applying the reclaimed concrete aggregate around the pipe.

Once concrete is hydrated it can never be hydrated again making it the perfect material for drain field aggregate. It will never dissolve and breakdown, and we are keeping this material out of the landfill. Better drainfiled and better for the environment. Very smart!

Now the recycled concrete aggregate does another wonderful thing under the ground. Since it is not round or slick the surface of the recycled rock allows microorganisms that may be in the water to attach itself to the different edges of the rock. Thus it keeps more bad stuff from entering the soil below and going down into our aquifer.

We have opened up our drainfields after 8-10 years of use just to inspect them. We have found the fiber paper which covers the rock keeping the dirt from infiltrating into the rock, to still be there and doing the job it was designed for. The rock is still loose and doing its job to disperse evenly, and protecting the environment.

Here you see the fabric paper being applied in the trenches to cover the reclaimed concrete aggregate.

The other employee continues to laser check the pipe so we achieve Equal Distribution™ so the whole drainfield gets used correctly. Because the drainfield is installed level and true, it adds years onto the field life.

Inferior systems just dump the water coming out of the pipe from the tank directly on to the soil, we at Dixie with our “Rock and Pipe” system is offering one more filtering system by passing through our rock, to help clean the water before going into the soil.

Dixie Septic Tank installs Smart Septic Systems with “Equal Distribution™”, using a patented pipe and header, attached to a state of the art septic tank with easy access filter, using reclaimed concrete to complete the operation of a truly Smart System designed to provide close to 25-35 years of service. Smart, smart, smart...

Reclaimed concrete being applied in the trenches by our remote controlled conveyor belt.

Here you see the clamps doing their job and from our laser-leveling procedure we are able to provide “Equal Distribution™” throughout the entire drainfield.

It's a Smart Septic System because it does it all, we provide to you a great system with easy maintenance, easy access filter port, with a quality controlled product and delivering to you a truly superior drainfield with “Equal Distribution™” and a rock and pipe system that filters the water one more time before entering the soil. All provided by a company that has been in business since 1968, where quality and workmanship is our pride. Dixie Septic Tank Inc. The only company supplying you with a Smart Septic System.

Septic System FAQs

We are pleased to offer a few articles we have written over the past several years. We hope they might offer tips and answers to questions or issues you may have in regards to septic tanks, septic systems and drain fields. Please contact us directly with specific questions for a personal consultation.

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